Emerging Professionals: Webinars

With everything going on with COVID, the Emerging Professionals Committee is working to keep students and companies connected by hosting a webinar series that will run from Monday February 22nd through Friday March 12th


We are currently looking for companies that would be interested in participating in a 60 minute webinar. Each webinar should include a 30-45 presentation with the remaining time for Q&A. What we are looking for in each presentation is information about the company, variety of roles in the company, local projects, projects to highlight, and an education component. Companies will be able to sign up using the link below for the time slot of their choice. As the slots fill up, we will post each webinar in the upcoming events tab below.

Students are encouraged to check back February 1st for more information on the available time slots. 

We would like to thank all companies who attend in advance. 

No upcoming events at the moment

Before you go...

While these webinars are completely free, please consider donating to our Scholarship or become a annual Sponsor. Our events are paid for through membership fees and the generosity of our donors and sponsors. 

For students, we highly recommend you check out our scholarship. All students are encouraged to apply to the NAWIC Columbus Diversity Scholarship or the NAWIC NFSF Scholarship. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding eligibility.